Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Looking for creative ideas for fun virtual team builders?

We've designed upbeat and interactive experiences to get your remote team connecting – no matter how far away they are!

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Check out our flagship builder, The Virtual Vacation:

We've worked with over 400 corporate teams, bringing our artistic, funky and authentic vibe to create an experience that makes remote employees feel closer.

We at Wild SF are passionate about great team building ideas, and look forward to making yours a happier, more productive team!

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How It Works

Pricing is $30 per person (send a request below!)

All you have to do is send your team the secure Zoom link, and we’ll handle the rest 🙂

Want to see it in action first? Ask us for a free 15-minute demo!

We’re also available as on-demand facilitators for events, award shows, annual parties and more.

Platform: Zoom (can use Google Meet too)
Group Size: 4-100+ (with multiple facilitators)
Cost: $30/person, $400 minimum
Length: 60-90 minutes

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Virtual Experience: Virtual Vacation

In our Virtual Vacation, your team gets transported to a tropical vacation (Hawaiian shirts are encouraged) to play a series of fun ice breakers and meaningful skill-building games, getting to know more about one another. Our energetic, quirky guides will get everyone laughing and connecting throughout!

Then we’ll cruise to San Francisco, where you’ll get swept away with entertaining and inspiring stories that bring the city to life, and share in breakout groups that facilitate connections.

By the end, we promise your team will leave feeling connected and more engaged.
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Virtual Experience: Graffiti Workshop

Get ready for the Graffiti Workshop, a fascinating, hands-on street art masterclass with renowned artist EON 75. Everyone will develop their own graffiti name, learn various handstyles, and practice lettering their own tags and pieces!

Understand the history of graffiti culture, from hip hop and inner-city youth in New York, and virtually head down back alleys of San Francisco to visit “outdoor galleries” with hidden art from local legends and international artists.

Your team will leave with a new appreciation for the art form, new artistic skills, and their own new graffiti identity 🙂
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Virtual Experience: Pride Stride

On the Pride Stride, join beloved San Francisco drag queen Mary Vice for an exhilarating look at queer history and culture!

You’ll get a crash course on LGBT rights and Pride via a “virtual tour” of the movement and its most important landmarks. Then, enjoy a live drag performance and Q&A with Mary Vice, one of the most successful online drag performers today.

She’ll share what “a day in the life” looks like for a full-time drag queen, talk about her life in the movement, and how to be an effective ally.
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The Challenge With Working Remote

40% of remote employees struggle with loneliness, or collaboration and communication issues.

Suffice to say, there’s never been more distributed employees in need of connection.

It’s in response to this that we’ve crafted our 90-minute sessions, which help combat isolation, and create connectedness and build trust.

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Why Virtual Team Building?

More teams than ever are working remote.

Many employees feel a lack of connection, have trouble communicating, and can find it hard to self-motivate from afar.

We designed this experience to address isolation and communication barriers head-on!

This is perfect for teams working remotely, and will ensure they feel inspired and closer together.

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Why Virtual Team Building Works

Team Bonding Made Accessible
At a lower cost point, and with less of a time requirement, you can offer team-building opportunities more frequently throughout the year.

Everyone’s Involved
With frequent breakout groups and shares, everyone is included, and can’t zone out.

Meaningful Connection
Our hosts keep things moving, with an emphasis on your team connecting. We eliminate the awkward obstacle that conference meetings present, so your team can focus on sharing and having fun.

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