Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Looking for creative ideas for fun virtual team builders?

We've designed upbeat and interactive experiences to get your remote team connecting – no matter how far away they are!

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NEW: We now have a dedicated Virtual Team Building company!
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Spotlight on our virtual Stand Up Comedy Show:

We've worked with over 200 corporate teams, bringing our artistic, funky and authentic vibe to create an experience that makes remote employees feel closer.

We at Wild SF are passionate about great team building ideas, and look forward to making yours a happier, more productive team!

Our Clients

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Virtual LGBT Pride Events for Corporate Teams

For Pride Month, your team wants to party! Now booking the most entertaining DEI training ever!

We have a team of drag queens and queer activists/educators, ready to bring your remote team into the world of Pride!

Choose from an online Drag Show, our virtual Drag Queen Bingo, and the Pride Party, which mixes education, history and unforgettable live performances.

June dates are booking fast — request an experience now!


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Virtual Stand-Up Comedy

We work with our favorite stand-up comedians who are GUARANTEED to crack your team up. Your comedian/MC will involve your team, getting them to talk, share, and ask questions throughout.

45-minute event: 15-20 minute live comedy set, 15 minute Q&A, 10-minute “joke karaoke” (your team gets to tell jokes!)


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Virtual Experience: Graffiti Workshop

In our Graffiti Workshop, get ready for a fascinating, hands-on graffiti masterclass with a renowned street artist and educator.

First, you’ll go back to the roots of graffiti, learning how it was propelled to fame in the 70’s and 80’s by inner-city youth and hip hop heads in New York City.

In the workshop, develop your own graffiti name, practice various handstyles, and try lettering your own tags!

You’ll leave with a new appreciation for the art form, some new artistic skills, and a new graffiti identity 🙂


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Virtual Experience: Virtual Vacation

In our Virtual Vacation, your team gets transported to a tropical vacation (Hawaiian shirts are encouraged) for a fun session full of quick-paced breakout groups, challenges, discussions and meaningful games, focused on getting to know your team better.

Our energetic, quirky guides will get everyone laughing and connecting, and working to ensure everyone is involved and having a great time.

By the end of this tropical getaway, you’ll be closer as a team, and smiling about the greatest almost-vacation you’ve ever taken!
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Virtual Karaoke Party

For those ready to let loose, we have created a fun, fast-paced karaoke party for teams!

Your enthusiastic “KJ” host will seamlessly keep the party moving, helping your team find songs and take the stage.

This works for large teams too (we can host multiple singing rooms open simultaneously, so you can easily entertain big groups together, and ensure that everyone gets a chance to perform.


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Virtual Holiday Party / All-Staff: Party in a Box

Perfect for large teams of 50-500+, our Party in a Box is a custom experience for everyone! After a kick-off with your whole team, your team can “choose their own adventure” from a menu of breakout activities, like Karaoke, DIY Cocktails, Graffiti Workshop, Stand Up Comedy, a Drag Show and more!

With multiple events running simultaneously, it feels like a festival, with something for everyone. This is fully customizable, and an events specialist will work with you to design the perfect program.

Want to run a great virtual holiday party or remote all-staff for your office?


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How It Works

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you via email!

Our booking specialist will answer any questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a Zoom link that you just send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

Want to see it in action first? Get a free 20-minute demo with one of our hosts here!

We’re also available as on-demand facilitators for virtual karaoke parties, MC’ing online events, award shows, annual parties and more.

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Why Virtual Team Building?

More teams than ever are working remote. Many employees feel a lack of connection, have trouble communicating, and can find it hard to self-motivate from afar. In fact, 40% of remote employees struggle with loneliness, or collaboration and communication issues.

So, we’ve designed experiences to address isolation and communication barriers head-on!

These are perfect for teams working remotely, and will ensure they feel inspired and closer together.

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Why Our Virtual Team Building Works

Team Bonding Made Accessible At a lower cost point, and with less of a time requirement, you can offer team-building opportunities more frequently throughout the year.

Everyone’s Involved With frequent breakout groups and shares, everyone is included, and can’t zone out.

Meaningful Connection Our hosts keep things moving, with an emphasis on your team connecting.
We eliminate the awkward obstacle that conference meetings present, so your team can focus on sharing and having fun.

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Tell us who you are, and we’ll plan your perfect experience!

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