Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Join Wild SF for creative virtual team builders designed to get your remote team connecting – no matter how far away they are!

With entertaining hosts, inspiring stories, and breakout groups to facilitate connections, we promise to bring you closer and engaged as a team.

Perfect for teams affected by COVID-19, and for distributed employees. Our remote team builder is designed to address the isolation that your team might feel, and to brings teams together, with staff bonding and fun, plus useful tools for working remotely.

We at Wild SF are passionate about great team building ideas, and look forward to making a happier, more productive team!

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Why Virtual Team Building?

As COVID-19 spread, we saw teams starting to work remotely. With this, there can be a lack of connection, and employees often find it hard to self-motivate from afar.

So we designed this to address that isolation head-on! This is perfect for teams working remotely because of COVID-19, and will ensure they feel inspired and closer.

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How Virtual Team Building Works

  • Team Bonding, At A Distance

    At a lower cost point, and with less of a time requirement, you can offer team-building opportunities more frequently throughout the year.

  • Everyone’s Involved

    With frequent partner activities, everyone feels included, and can’t zone out.

  • Meaningful Connection

    Led by ACE coaching-certified facilitators, you’ll be in good hands. Our hosts entertain with great stories, and more importantly, get teams to the root of what matters most.

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The Experience

The Wild SF Team Builders takes 60 minutes, and introduces inspirational stories rooted in San Francisco values, and introduce tools and takeaways after each.

How it works: All you need is a computer, no special software required! If you have a good web connection, webcam and an open mind, we’ll take care of the rest 🙂

60-minute sample itinerary:

  • Absurd Dance Party
  • Team Celebrations!
  • Setting Purpose
  • SF Storytelling #1
  • Tools for Working Remote
  • Breakout Groups
  • Gratitudes
  • SF Storytelling #2
  • Group Share
  • Zany Surprise
  • The Buddy System/Closing
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