Street Art Tour
Mission Murals and Graffiti

The Street Art Tour is an opportunity to discover the historic Mission District through the murals, graffiti and the stories behind them.

We will dive deep into Street Art culture while learning about the stories that have shaped this neighborhood, and the amazing role that arts and culture play, bringing people together to create political change.

In this 1.75 hr tour, we will learn about indigenous traditions, chicanx-latinx artists, historical social movements and the ongoing effort to keep the culture and heritage of the Mission alive. We will also talk about graffiti culture, the artists and movements that make graffiti in the Bay Area unique, and with a little luck, we will run into one of the many artists and curators that are actively creating on the back alleys of the Mission.

Goals of this tour:

See historic works and hear the stories behind them: how activism and art intersect in political works.

Understand how the Mission District’s social movements shaped San Francisco into the revolutionary city it is today.

Learn how large-scale murals are created, how graffiti writing took off in the Mission, views on commercialization of street art, and the terminology of the spray can world.

See stunning political street art, and understand how graffiti writers, feminists, Latinx communities and neighborhood activists have fought, and continue to fight, to keep the soul of SF alive in the face of gentrification, preserving local culture.

This tour is for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Artists and collectives whose work we will highlight include:

Tour lasts 1:30-3:15pm
Reservations required, must book online
Meets near 24th Street @ Mission, near BART Station
Ends near 25th and Mission

General Admission $20

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Street Art Tour Highlights


  • Introduction to street art techniques and styles
  • Stunning alleys full of graffiti art
  • History of muralism in the Mission
  • Graffiti culture and terminology
  • Lilac Alley Mural Project
  • Tales of resilience and community organizing

Your Guides
Arturo: Street Art + Mission Brunch

Culture and arts producer Arturo ‘Moh’ Mendez is a Mexican community activist working in the Mission District for the past 3 years. His passion for community and culture has led him to participate in Carnaval, Day of the Dead, and curating shows for Harvard University and the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia. You can peek into his world by following him on IG @moh.mendez, and join him in exploring Mission Street Art.

Lia: Street Art + Operations

A native Brooklynite, Lia moved to our foggy city and has made the West Coast her own. She is a funky dancer (and board member!) with the crew No Mirror Movement, and volunteers on the weekends at the community-run Alemany Farm and the Bay Area Childcare Collective. She co-wrote our Street Art tour, supports fellow guides, and probably responded to your email inquiry or phone call, too.