Paranormal Investigation Tour

Real Ghost Hunting

NOTE: This tour has been consolidated with our other ghost tour, Haunted SF.

Please read more about Haunted SF and book that tour here.

This is not a “ghost tour” that just tells stories of hauntings. This is an immersive, hands-on paranormal investigation tour, where you’ll hunt for real ghosts in known haunted places. With a paranormal expert, learn the fundamentals of true ghost hunting, and get a chance to use authentic ghost hunting tools.

This is the only way to access the haunted San Remo Hotel as a non-guest. We’ll also visit the Fior d’ Italia restaurant, a haunted bell-tower atop an old graveyard, and a parking garage reconstructed from the rubble of the Earthquake of 1906.

Please note that this paranormal tour includes a few steep San Francisco hills and staircases, and we consider it “moderately strenuous.” Unfortunately, this tour is not handicap accessible, and cannot accommodate pets.

Learn How to Be a Ghost Hunter

We’ll use real ghost hunting equipment including:

  • EMF Ghost Meters
  • Infrared Temperature Detectors*
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Hausbell Parabolic Listening Devices
  • SBox Spirit Scanner for Electronic Voice Phenomena

*We use this to debunk false positives and find sources of “cold spots”

At the end of your adventure, you will walk away with the knowledge of what it is to be a real ghost hunter.

What are the differences between the tickets?

“Ghost Hunter” ticket holders will have their own EMF reader to use throughout the tour. You’ll get priority access to using tools on the tour, including the parabolic listening device. A Ghost Hunter will be chosen to use the dowsing rods.

Observers will be able to join and watch, but will not have their own tools.

Paranormal Investigation Tour Details

  • Tours start at 7:00 pm or later – This is a night time walking tour. Plan to arrive early if you’d like to have dinner at Fior d’Italia.
  • Tour Duration – The tour is around 2.5 hours. Unfortunately, the route is not able to accommodate wheelchairs or service animals.
  • Professional Guides – You will be led by a professional guide who is an expert on hauntings and the paranormal. Our dedicated guides are rated 5 stars on Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor.
  • Haunted Locations – Visit sites including the most haunted hotel in San Francisco, with hallways where residual ghost impressions are felt, poltergeists heard, and after death, after consciousnesses are witnessed. See highlights below for more info.
  • Ghost Sightings – This tour regularly produces interactions with spirits. Our dowsing rods are often active, strange sensations are felt, and interesting EMF readings appear. A few friendly ghosts have been known to tag along, too. Guests have been able to document unexplainable images in photographs from the tour, and it is very likely we will stir up energy during the night tour.

7pm start, lasts 2.5 hours

Ghost Hunter $59 (includes access to tools, including your own EMF reader during tour)

Observer $54 (no tools provided)

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Paranormal Investigation Tour Highlights
  • Fior d’Italia restaurant, the oldest Italian restaurant in America, with documented hauntings
  • San Remo Hotel, one of San Francisco’s most haunted hotels
  • Lombard Street’s famous curves
  • Montandon Mansion, the posessed home of socialite Pat Montandon
  • San Francisco Art Institute, known for its haunted bell tower
  • A horse stable built from a fallen church in the Great Earthquake of 1906
  • Spirit cleansing with palo santo at the end

Your Guides
Wes Leslie: Co-Founder + Guide

Wes Leslie is a songwriter, tropical bartender, and almost-local, with a long family history in the Bay. He makes “bedroom soul” music which you can find on Spotify and his website. He has spent time backpacking through much of the world, including a year living in Madrid, Spain, where he dreamt up this walking tour company. Follow him on IG @wes.leslie

Lisa: Haunted SF + Paranormal Investigaton

Lisa Frankenstein is a drag performer with a background in theater and clown. As a member of the cartoon couture clown ensemble Fou Fou Ha, she has performed in Las Vegas, Vancouver, and beyond. When not on stage at the Stud in drag, she can be found listening to creepy podcasts and researching ghost stories.

Rainey: Haunted SF + Paranormal Investigation

Rainey is a full-time drag performer, known about town as his alter ego, Mary Vice. As Mary, she is spotted onstage regularly at Aunt Charlie’s, The Stud and other historic haunts. She hosts weekly revues, and has won numerous awards for her show-stopping performances. A Philadelphia transplant with an interest in all things ghostly and an eye for vampy glamour, Rainey feels right at home on the Haunted SF and Paranormal Investigation tours.