Latinx History with Arturo Mendez

Arturo Mendez

Join international cultural producer Arturo Méndez on an exploration of Latin American history and culture!

In a dynamic presentation (including live songsdance and poetry), we’ll trace the Latinx identity back to indigenous cultures, and explore the revolutions and migrations of Latinx folks since then. 

You’ll understand traditions and music, and leave with a richer understanding of the Latinx identity. 

Here’s what others are saying:

“He set the tone of fun, relaxation, and his activities were very insightful.”

“It was great hearing about everyone’s different experiences in other parts of the world!”

“I loved being able to go into breakout rooms with people I don’t usually get to talk to, with guided activities so we knew what to talk about.”

We know: Endless video meetings can be a drag. And setting up another video call is the last thing you want to do to anyone. 

But what if this were more than a video call? 

What if you could create meaningful connection and learning in 90 minutes? 

Wouldn’t you love it if diversity, equity and inclusion felt fun? 

Wouldn’t your Latinx cohort love to feel seen?   

That’s exactly what we’ve designed with community organizer, arts producer (and all-around charmer) Arturo Méndez. Drawing on his roots in Mexico, his taste for art, music, dance and poetry, Arturo will sweep your team away in a thoroughly entertaining exploration of Latin American history and culture.

  • Have you wondered why Hispanic Heritage “Month” begins on the 15th?
  • Do you know the real story behind Día de los Muertos?
  • Why isn’t Cinco de Mayo celebrated nearly as much in Mexico?
  • What do you know about the indigenous peoples of Latin America?

 Your learn all this (and so much more), and your team will leave with a richer understanding of the Latinx identity! This experience lasts 1.5 hours.