How to Throw a Ridiculously Fun Virtual Company Party in 2020

Designing an unforgettable company party in 2020 doesn’t need to be a drag…

I’m here to show you that virtual teams can still have an amazingly awesome company party, where everyone feels connected and inspired (all from the comfort of their own computers).

We’ve boiled it down to a fail-proof party formula that you can apply for any company, which we call Kabloom.

Long story short: you’ll see how this party will:

Meet Monica, of Double Fine

Monica is the office manager at an SF-based gaming company (part of Xbox Game Studios). For their 20th anniversary, she booked a company-wide virtual party with Wild SF to replace their planned restaurant buyout.

“Wes worked with us to make a memorable experience in lieu of our regular party! Everyone had an incredible time, so much so that we are hiring Wild SF to host our virtual holiday party in December.

I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to create a unique and entertaining virtual experience for their employees!”

The Truth About Online Team Building (These Numbers May Surprise You)

As working from home becomes the new normal through the end of 2020 (at least), engaging virtual team building is as important as ever. 

Data from Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Work, and from Wild SF virtual event exit surveys


What Do Employees Really Want in a Party? CONNECTION!

A big event with motivational speakers, year-end recaps from execs, and flashy production quality are all nice, but…

…what workers really want is meaningful team connection.

If your goal is to “wow” your team with an end-of-the-year celebration, book an event that prioritizes bonding.

How do you do that?

It requires a few things:

  1. A fully-structured event (with a clear timeline)
  2. Generous use of facilitated breakout groups (plenty of small group chats)
  3. Masterful facilitation (important for psychological safety of your team)

Here are actual quotes from employees who joined a Wild SF party:

“I really enjoyed being weird (aka myself) with my new coworkers. This was the perfect ice breaker and a great way to connect with everyone in the company!” 

“Seeing everyone laugh and getting to meet with different team members was so much fun!” 

“I loved seeing everyone’s face (and not just Slack messages)”  

“I appreciated being able to really connect with new team members during this time!”

Let’s face it: you are brilliant in your field…

…and true brilliance lies in knowing when to outsource.

Instead of MacGyvering a virtual event this holiday season, bring in the pros.

The Wild SF Experience

Introducing Your Starting Lineup…

 Our roster of dedicated Virtual Event MC’s includes:

How to Structure a Virtual Company Party

Instead of trying to guess one event that everyone will love (which isn’t likely)…

…design a festival-style itinerary with guaranteed fun happening in multiple rooms.

That way, your team can “choose their own adventure.”

This is the perfect way to include your whole company (for groups of 50-250+), and ensure everyone has a great time.

Sample itinerary:

Each activity above is led by a dedicated facilitator, who has been trained on:

It’s a no-brainer: we’ll work with you to ensure that your whole company has an unforgettable, virtual party for your team! 

Which Option is Right for You?

You get a dedicated Virtual Experiences Specialist who will work with you to craft the perfect party, choosing the activities and sessions that most appeal to your company.

Pricing for the Company Party is reasonable, and will most likely work with your company’s budget.

Included in our Virtual Party is:

A Quick Word of Warning

Because these events require so much behind-the-scenes work on our end, we can only offer one company party per day.

For end-of-the-year Holiday Parties, that means only 3 Fridays and 3 Saturdays are available in December before Christmas.

And yes, these dates are already filling up!

We’d love to work with you, so please…

Send a request NOW to book your date, while it’s still available: