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Wild SF is a group of passionate, funky artists and creatives who live and love San Francisco.

Since 2012 we’ve been leading backpackers, families and corporate teams on tours of radical neighborhoods, street art, food, music and ghosts. We understand the complexities in our communities, work to find our place in it, and utilize our team’s diversity to continuously shape the tours to best tell the story of San Francisco.

We are an artist/activist-led tour company, and we believe in sharing the people’s history: highlighting women, queer folks, people of color, and other marginalized communities. We aim to create an inclusive space free of discrimination for our guests, and expect groups and guides to act with curiosity, courtesy, and an open-mind 🙂

Our goal is to share the awesome places we’ve discovered, and make sure you fall in love with our city too.

Read on to meet our amazing guides!

For any questions, feel free to call us at 415-580-1849 or email info (at) wildsftours.com


Wes and J. Jo (co-founders)

Work With Us

We are always accepting resumes for tour guides and admin roles.

Current job openings can be viewed HERE.

Our Team
Wes Leslie: Co-Founder + Guide

Wes Leslie is a songwriter, tropical bartender, and almost-local, with a long family history in the Bay. He makes “bedroom soul” music which you can find on Spotify and his website. He has spent time backpacking through much of the world, including a year living in Madrid, Spain, where he dreamt up this walking tour company. Follow him on IG @wes.leslie

J. Jo: Co-Founder + Operations

J. Jo is a soulful musician, thinker, coach and astronomer. When not running the behind-the-scenes operations that make these tours possible, he is leading workshops around healthy masculinity and consent culture, and pursuing his neo-soul musical project known as Seoulstice. His music can be found online here and here.

Fischer: Food Crawl + Free SF Tour

A screenwriter, director and educator, Andrew “Fischer” Wong’s craft has taken him far–including Cannes Film Festival, where he premiered one of his short films. He studied film and cinematography at SF State, leads filmmaking workshops for youth, and has his own production company called ReTold Productions. When not educating or directing, Fischer is a foodie with a knack for groan-inducing puns.

Mina: Food Crawl + Free SF Tour + Street Art

Artist and actress Mina can usually be found with a coffee in one hand and a drawing utensil in the other. With a passion for creating, she found her niche in technical theatre and moved to SF to study costume design. When she’s not creating costumes or building sets for the stage, she turns her focus to playwriting and improv to bring characters to life.

Rainey: Haunted SF + Paranormal Investigation

Rainey is a full-time drag performer, known about town as his alter ego, Mary Vice. As Mary, she is spotted onstage regularly at Aunt Charlie’s, The Stud and other historic haunts. She hosts weekly revues, and has won numerous awards for her show-stopping performances. A Philadelphia transplant with an interest in all things ghostly and an eye for vampy glamour, Rainey feels right at home on the Haunted SF and Paranormal Investigation tours.

Lisa: Haunted SF + Paranormal Investigaton

Lisa Frankenstein is a drag performer with a background in theater and clown. As a member of the cartoon couture clown ensemble Fou Fou Ha, she has performed in Las Vegas, Vancouver, and beyond. When not on stage at the Stud in drag, she can be found listening to creepy podcasts and researching ghost stories.

Leong: Street Art + Free SF Tour

As a fourth generation San Franciscan, Leong is proud of where her roots grow, and won’t ever miss an opportunity to talk about the City. In her free time, she is an avid traveler, stargazer, and collector of bones and rarities. On a sunny day, you can find her in the park, with her face buried in a book about history, mythology or the counterculture. Ask her about her time in Claude Monet’s garden!

Maggie: People Operations Manager

Maggie is a healer who has lived many lifetimes as a chef and culinary entrepreneur, small business consultant, board member and program director of Queer Camp Bay Area, and facilitator of Community Grief Rituals through her venture The Sacred Hearth. Otherwise, she is growing tomatoes and giving tours of her cohousing community where she lives with 60 other residents, including her partner and a scruffy poodle mix.

Mazin: Team Building

Mazin Jamal is a community organizer, personal and corporate coach, musician and advocate of social justice and holistic health. He co-founded Holistic Underground, a community organization providing personal and professional development to leaders, creatives and change-agents. We gather and share tools, training and resources through the Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience, and Organizational Development workshops and retreats, improving communication, self-care and interpersonal-allyship in organizations and teams.

Maren: Research + Script Writing

Maren is a mixed media artist as well as a writer and researcher for Wild SF. Friends describe her as “detail oriented,” “insatiably curious,” and “that girl who still has my pen, even though I’m pretty sure I never said she could take it.” She grew up in various parts of California and Germany which explains a few things. You can find more of Maren’s work on her website.