BEST TOUR OF THE BAY 2015, 2016, 2017


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The best way to transport yourself to San Francisco.
A taste of the era's music as well as a bit of history.
I like this tour for its affability, nostalgia and lurches in unexpected directions.
An eye toward SF's historic movements, independent business owners, and legendary rabble-rousers.


I’m ready, let’s do this!

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I’m not ready. Tours are lame.

We feel you. We’ve seen bad tours with headsets, Segways and out-of-touch perspectives. Pinky promise, we’re the anti-[those tours].

Think of us as a city exploration led by someone who lives and breathes SF. We guarantee that–whether local or visitor–you’ll walk away with a newfound affection, understanding, and spark for San Francisco’s incomparable history.

So what makes you so “wild” anyhow?

Our guides are the most entertaining historians you’ve ever met! The tours are a masterful balance of social history and engaging storytelling, wit and genuine passion.

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"I had such a nice day with Wild SF. If you ever want to find out something about the real San Francisco go there!"
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"Wes is hilarious and I had an absolute blast learning about San Francisco and listening to his unique songs on his ukelele."
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