In this series, let us introduce you to the walking tour guides!
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Fischer Wong

Fischer Wong is a California Valley kid turned San Franciscan. With a background in classical music and improv comedy, he brings the expected amount of class and an eccentric sense of humor to Wild SF, with jokes, wisdom, and enthusiasm to each tour.

In his spare time, Fischer pursues his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He writes, directs, and even composes for his short films on his YouTube channel AWSoyProductions.

He likes BBQ, dogs, long walks on the beach, and checking his hair in the mirror. The only thing he loves more than all of those is the magnificent city of San Francisco.

Nothing fishy about this guide. Catch a tour with Fischer Wong and you can never go wrong!

Check out Fischer’s film Speeding Ticket, which was screened at the Cannes International Film Festival 2014: