Once home to Hippies and 1960′s counterculture, the Haight is now a lively district for shopping, drinks and music, plus easy access to the forested beauty of nearby Golden Gate Park. Look out for tons of great vintage stores, tasty food, and lots of that smelly green stuff.

Amoeba: This record store inside of an old bowling alley holds the City’s most impressive collection of new and used vinyl, CD’s, tapes and DVDs, from popular to obscure and hard-to-find releases. Check their calendar for intimate, free in-store concerts with big acts.





Buena Vista Park: A lush hike to a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and northern SF and Bay area.



Hippie Hill: Looking for modern-day hippies? Haight St. ends at a concrete trail that takes you on a stroll through the crust, under the tunnel, and at last, Hippie Hill: an open field with hula-hooping, circle-drumming hippies.



Club DeLuxe: This place has got “pizzazz!” For hot pizza and jazz, this is the joint. Owner Jay has been hand-selecting local musicians, from young cats to the good ol’ boys, for over two decades. Music is from 9 PM-midnight, every night baby.



Wasteland: The Haight is somewhat of a crust-hippie-burner-hipster mall, with some of the best shopping in the City. Check out Wasteland for an incredible second-hand selection (used boots galore!) and locally designed works with a very friendly staff.